There is a lot of information out there about finding a dental insurance plan, but sometimes it can be difficult to know which plan is the right one for your situation. Here are a list of things to consider when choosing a dental insurance plan.

Check the time limits for major work

There is often a period of time between when a dental insurance plan is initiated and the time when cost for major dental work, such as an extraction or root canal, can be paid out. Don't wait until the last minute, or it may cost you in the long run.

Find co-pays and a deductible that work for your budget

Although many plans pay for bi-annual teeth cleaning checkups, co-pays may not cover services such as fillings, crowns, and extractions. Many co-pays are around $25 to $50, and they are not required for routine services such as dental cleaning and checkups.

Be aware of annual maximums

Annual maximums are the amount an insurance plan will pay for dental care within a certain time. These often average between $1000 to $1500 a year. These are paid out in percentages, depending on how basic or extensive the work is.

Which procedures are excluded?

You might be surprised by what procedures are not covered, so it's important to read the fine print. Most cosmetic procedures are not covered by an insurance plan. Other more standard procedures may also not be covered, or are covered only for a certain amount of time.

Which dentist can you visit?

It's important to know which dentists are covered under your plan and how much will it cost to visit a dentist outside of your network. A large network means more choices, but if you have lower out-of-network costs, that can save you a bundle if you are traveling and need dental work.

When choosing a dental insurance plan, be sure to read the fine print and understand everything that is covered as well as which services are excluded. Find out what the waiting times are, co-pays, deductibles and the annual maximums. Above all, don't take too long to choose a program because your dental health is important. If you have questions or would like more information about which dental plan may be right for you, contact Sidney Dental in Sidney, MT.

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