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The members of Safflower Technologies International, LLC (STI) have over 40 years of safflower plant breeding, research, and production experience. We deal in large volumes of safflower, sunflowers, and pulse crops such as yellow and green peas, chickpeas, AWP and lentils. Barley, wheat, millet, flax and other crops are also available upon request. Our identity-preserved safflower products include: NutraSaff™ (Golden Safflower) and White Hybrid Safflower (Jumbo Size) birdseed, edible oils, livestock feed and supplements, bio-fuels, and bio-lubricants. We have locations in: Molt, MT Broadview, MT Malad City, ID Lansing, MI BN / UP Rail Locations: E. Fairview, ND Malad City, ID Fairview, MT Park City, MT

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