Sidney Sugars, Inc. has a growing region in northeastern Montana and northwestern North Dakota. This region features rolling hills and sugarbeet fields that produce sugarbeets typically offering some of the highest sugar percentages of all North American grown sugarbeets! Sugarbeet growers contribute a high-quality crop that continues to consistently perform year after year. This region is supported by Betaseed through breeders, researchers, and sales representatives each committed to field and operational success. Each Betaseed hybrid has been bred to withstand Aphanomyces, Cercospora, Rhizoctonia and rhizomania disease pressure. Betaseed varieties are required to pass OVT trials that are heavily infested with these diseases and must maintain strong performance while under pressure. Contact your local Betaseed sales representative listed below to learn more about Betaseed’s seed portfolio available for Sidney Sugars sugarbeet growers.