The Richland County Solid Waste Landfill is located approximately ten miles north of Sidney, adjacent to MT Highway 16. It is classified as a Class II landfill and serves all of Richland County and portions of Roosevelt County, MT, McKenzie County, ND, and Williams County, ND. We are currently filling Cell 3 with solid waste and are anticipating construction of Cell 4 to commence in the spring of 2020. The estimated remaining life of the landfill is 88-90 years, based on current collections. The Solid Waste District provides residents with three alternative locations for HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE disposal. Those sites include Savage, Lambert, and Elmdale. These facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - unless they need to be closed for cleaning, abused by the public, or weather prohibits the contract haulers from safely emptying canisters. Currently, we are working to make some safety and convenience improvements at the sites including lighting, fencing, grading and drainage, and security improvements.

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